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exam results softwareThe exam mark sheet software is used to manage and store Exam Marks data in a secured database. It is mainly used for generating mark sheet of students.

The purpose of this software is to provide an easy to use and manage student’s exam related data. The admin can add, delete or modify all the data while students can only view the marks and mark sheet.

As we know, teachers are very enthusiastic towards developing young creative minds and putting their efforts toward preparing the next generation much better. Maintaining records of all students, simultaneously doing teaching can increase teachers’ work load. The Exam mark sheet Software helps to ease some work burden off the teachers shoulders.

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The software offers a well organized way to provide mark sheets in a very user friendly and easily understandable pattern. Exam mark sheet printing software automates the process of generating test result mark sheets and ensures substantial reduction in manual efforts as well as human error.

The teacher can enter marks in exam mark sheet software after checking each exam paper. This data is stored securely in the back end database. After inserting marks of all the students by the teacher or admin the mark sheets are generated and published. It can be then viewed by all the students. Using exam mark sheet software the mark sheets of all the students can be printed automatically.

test-result-softwareExam mark sheet software facilitates various options for students like viewing full batch score list, previous semester mark sheet or particular subject marks etc. Each enrolled student is provided with unique login ID and password. Students with valid credentials only can access the system. Any registered student can get any semester mark sheet at anytime or anyplace. The whole record of all semester exams are secured in mark sheet database.


results-mark-sheet-softwareThe admin can also create login id and password for parents to check the marks obtained by their ward in various exams. Parents can easily monitor their ward’s educational progress across the year. They can also do comparative analysis of the marks obtained by their ward as compared with the other peers. There will also be graphical analysis available depicting average marks of the class as well as highest and lowest marks obtained.


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